The Rail Industry has some of the most demanding requirements for component accuracy and durability. Air brake service life is measured in the millions of miles and AW Fraser air brake rail components are an integral part of the safety system on a train. To ensure the safety and reliability of the components, the material is rigorously tested during the casting process. This is then backed up by a 100% inspection of every component before it is shipped to our client. As a result, the components are of outstanding quality and durability and play an important part in ensuring our clients maintain their excellent reputation in the competitive and demanding North American rail market.

Similarly, the rail engine components manufactured by AW Fraser, specifically thrust washers, head seat rings, turbo seals and injector sleeves, ensure reliable operation under severe operating conditions. These conditions include extremes of temperature, long service life and heavy loadings.

AW Fraser has the experience and machinery to accurately produce rail components to customers’ specifications and to maintain that quality focus over long productions and many years, as evidenced by our longevity and excellent reputation in the North American rail market.

“Choose quality engineered railway components manufactured by the reliable team at AW Fraser.”