Quality production and supply of CuSn12Ni, LG2 bronze, aluminum bronze and manganese bronze

AW Fraser produces and supplies continuous cast and centrifugally cast bronze alloys, hollow and solid brass extrusions and precision machined components from a variety of alloys, including CuSn12Ni and LG2 Bronze, aluminium bronze, and brass, among many others.

Our manufacturing plant comprises a copper alloy foundry, brass extrusion mill and modern CNC machine shop.

Our competitive advantage lies in combining these three processes on one site allows excellent control of the quality and supply of the base materials to external sources and to our own machine shop. The reprocessing of all machining chip/swarf on-site allows very competitive pricing for machined blanks and finished parts.

The company was established in the 1930s and boasts an experienced and committed staff. AW Fraser Ltd was bought out by management in 2006 and is focused on getting the job done well and on time.

Reasons to choose AW Fraser:

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“For quality machined bronze, choose AW Fraser – a leading exporter to businesses in Australia, Asia, Europe and America.”