Key features:

For bearings or bushings under light loads and high speeds. Suits if bearing metal must deform slightly to conform to irregular motion or perfect fit. Effective when lubrication is difficult.

Full alloy description:

A. W. Fraser Alloy 941 (EMS 403) is a high leaded tin bronze which conforms to the requirements of AST M B505 - C94100.

This alloy has excellent bearing qualities and good corrosion resistance.

Alloy C94100 is suitable for moderately loaded bearings with low working temperature and low impact loading or pounding.

It will withstand doubtful lubrication for short periods. Adequate backing for bearings must be provided.

The micrograin casting techniques used in the manufacture of this alloy ensure good lead dispersion and small particle size with lead globules typically less tha n 120μ” (.005”).
Machinability Rating: 80
SAE Grade: n/a

Comparable specifications:

BS1400 - LB5 * ; AS1565 - C94100

* Similar but not identical

Download tech sheet:

For a full alloy summary, including Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties, please download our tech sheet in PDF format below...


  • C94100
  • LB5* / CuPb20Sn5
  • CC497K / CuPb20Sn5*
  • 2.1188 / CuPb20Sn
  • CAC605C
  • CuPb20Sn5
  • C94100
* = similar specification


The alloy information provided on this page is indicative and must not be taken as a substitute for the full specification from which it is drawn. In particular, the mechanical property requirements vary widely with product specification.

The information contained on this page is based on our present knowledge and is given in good faith as a precursor to discussing your specific requirements with us.

No liability will be accepted by AW Fraser in respect of any action taken by any third party in relying on the data on this page.
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