Quality Brass Extrusions from the Reliable Team at AW Fraser

AW Fraser Ltd manufactures extruded solid and hollow brass rod extrusions at its manufacturing location in Christchurch, New Zealand. Customers benefit from the vast experience of the helpful staff in the department who approach their job with a flexible, can-do attitude. The vertical extrusion press is the pride of the department and has been honed over the years to produce quality efficiently.

The brass extrusion equipment is suited to short-run production of solid and hollow brass, allowing high flexibility in alloy selection, product range and batch quantities. The use of high quality continuous cast billet and an indirect extrusion process ensures a fine homogenous grain structure and excellent metallurgical properties.

AW Fraser Ltd specialises in the production of seamless hollow brass extrusions, with good concentricity of the inside and outside diameters. Hollow rod is available in our full range of alloys, including high tensile brasses, low lead variants and aluminium bronzes. Quality hollow brass extrusions offer many cost benefits, from reduced weight, to extending your tool life, to reduced waste and improved productivity through shorter machining times.

Key benefits of AW Fraser brass extrusions:

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