Aluminium and Manganese Bronze Gear Blanks

AW Fraser aluminium and manganese gear blanks are an efficient alternative to in-house machining. AW Fraser is an integrated manufacturer, with an on-site foundry and automatic, high-precision machine shop. Our aluminium and manganese bronze gear blanks are produced utilising careful control and forward-planning with all swarf (waste) recycled.

The aluminium and manganese bronze blanks are typically designed for right angle drive or worm drive applications and are supplied and machined to individual client specifications, with only specialist hobbing required to complete the component.

Right-angle high-reduction gearboxes worldwide use AW Fraser gear blanks. They are aluminium bronze for high-strength or manganese silicon bronze for added wear-resistance.

If you have any questions about aluminum and manganese bronze gear blanks produced by AW Fraser, please contact us.

“AW Fraser – specialists in engineered manganese bronze.”