Aluminum Bronze

AW Fraser produces quality machined bronze components from manganese, LG2 and aluminum bronze. At AW Fraser, we have a company culture and commitment to producing and supplying quality production. This company-wide attitude is backed up by ISO 9001 accreditation by Bureau Veritas. As well as the formal certification, we have been audited and approved as suppliers to many major USA and European corporations.

Our numerous supplier awards, as well as the long-standing business relationships we enjoy internationally are testament to our manganese, LG2 and aluminum bronze products.

AW Fraser also has a commitment to the environment, with accreditation to ISO 14001. New Zealand is known for its commitment to environmental issues and at AW Fraser we are committed to continual improvement in our environmental impact, from waste, to energy conservation, to reducing our emissions.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the quality of our manganese, LG2 and aluminum bronze alloys.

“Choose AW Fraser for quality aluminum bronze components.”